10 Most Unusual-Looking Actors In Movie History

Sometimes looking a little strange can boost your career.

When you think of movie stars the image which comes into your mind is most likely to be one of a strikingly beautiful woman or ruggedly handsome man with perfect teeth and hair. It's hardly a surprising reaction since many Hollywood stars tend to fit this description to a tee. But not all actors possess model-like looks as if they've just stepped out of a salon - after all, movies would be more than a little weird if they only featured people who looked like Greek gods and goddesses. And often there are characters for whom a different look is called for, even if Hollywood does tend to stereotype certain kinds of characters from one movie to the next (every computer nerd character in a film all look identical). On the opposite end of the scale from the perfect-looking Hollywood stars sit are those who are more than a little strange looking. Some of these actors possess odd facial features but are otherwise "normal", while others were born suffering from medical conditions that make their appearance ideal for weird and unusual characters, carving a niche for themselves in horror and science fiction movies. Here are the ten most unusual-looking actors of all time - once you've seen their faces it's hard to forget them.

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