10 Most Visually Stunning War Films Of All Time

9. Cold Mountain (John Seale)

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Miramax Films

Director Anthony Minghella enjoyed great success with his two separate romantic war epics a decade apart either side of the millennium, capturing hearts with WWII piece The English Patient in 1996 and again seven years later with Cold Mountain, charting the final days of the American Civil War. Both saw him joined by veteran Australian cinematographer John Seale, with the pair picking up Oscars for the former.

But it's the latter that arguably stacks up more these days for its particularly lush recreation of a land more almost a hundred-and-fifty years removed from the modern world. To help capture that sense of almost historical otherworldliness, Seale made great use of locales more unexpected than the typical US states where the film took place, namely shooting in Romania to conjure the barren sweep he wanted in parts.

Though The English Patient remains more fondly remembered, this is perhaps Seale's finest work in the war genre - though debate could be made that his efforts in shooting Mad Max: Fury Road qualify depending on the personal interpretation of desert anarchy as conflict.


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