10 Most WTF Opening Scenes From Recent Movies

The Flash's "heroic" opening sequence was pure, uncut nightmare fuel.

The Flash Baby
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The opening scene in any movie is so, so important, because as we all know, first impressions are everything.

If a film is boring or simply not entertaining from the jump, it's already placed on the back foot as it scrambles to try and win viewers back in the scenes that follow.

So it's little surprise that so many filmmakers blow their wad in the first few minutes, giving the audience something thrilling, hilarious, or otherwise just totally unforgettable to feast their eyes on.

And the latter is most certainly true of these 10 recent films, each of which let their freak flag fly with these wildly WTF moments right out of the gate.

From aggressively subversive, expectation-defying twists to hilariously deranged gags nobody could've seen coming, shocking death scenes, and everything else in-between, these movies all got super weird super fast. Like, in record time.

And for sure, most of these movies had plenty more WTF to offer throughout the rest of their runtime, but in being such shameless oddballs from the jump, they ensured audiences knew precisely what to expect for the remainder...

10. The Early Ghostface Reveal - Scream VI

The Flash Baby

Scream VI began with an unforgettable pre-title sequence which made a firm argument that this would be like no other movie in the slasher franchise - even if that claim ultimately turned out to be pure bunk.

In New York City, we're introduced to Aussie film teacher Laura Crane (Samara Weaving), who is waiting for her date at a bar when he calls her up and lures her into a nearby alleyway. At that point, he/Ghostface then stabs her to death.

But the WTF moment comes when the killer suddenly unmasks, revealing themselves to be Jason (Tony Revolori), a college friend of Tara's (Jenna Ortega).

This marked the first time in the series that any Ghostface killer had been unmasked at the start of the movie, but it got even wilder than that. Jason is then revealed to be a Ghostface copycat attempting to continue killer Richie's (Jack Quaid) work from the last movie.

But when Jason gets home, one of the movie's "real" Ghostfaces calls him up, revealing that his accomplice Greg has been left dismembered in his fridge, and then emerges and stabs Jason.

As Jason insists he needs to finish Richie's "film," the killer hilariously quips, "Who gives a f**k about movies?" before fatally striking him down.

Even with Scream VI's woefully disappointing third act, the opening scene offered a brilliant double-subversion of the expected, in turn ensuring fans were dragged far outside their comfort zone.

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