10 Movie Adaptations That Clearly Hated The Source Material

"What would you prefer, yellow spandex?"

Wolverine X Men 2000
20th Century Fox

Adapting a popular novel, comic book or video game to the big screen is not a job anyone should envy. While you occasionally get a quality director passionate about bringing the source material to life in a new way, for the most part transferring over a successful property is done for cynical reasons, be it to cash in on audience interests by doing the bare minimum or to fulfil an unwanted contractual obligation.

Sometimes however, it's clear the filmmakers actually doing the adapting hate the material they're working with. This might be because they jive with the sentiments of the story but not the medium or lore, think they can improve on its 'mistakes', or simply because they've been drafted in by a studio and are cashing in a check.

Now, this doesn't always result in a bad movie - and a good chunk on this list are amazing in their own right - but it does result in end products that wear their contempt for their source material on their sleeves.

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