10 Movie And TV Spoilers We Didn't Know Last Week (27th Aug)

Will another Avenger have a major role in the next Captain America?

Gotham City Jail2 The spoiler wheel just keeps on spinning, and this week has been just as jam-packed with juicy movie and TV tidbits as any before. This week has mostly seen some interesting information that puts characters in new light come about, along with the usual easter egg teasers, exciting casting announcements and ready-salted rumours. There's been some coy comments made about a certain Avenger making their presence known in Captain America 3, the director of the Amazing Spider-Man movies clears up exactly which villains may or may not appear in future Spidey movies, news of further expansion for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even the possible return of another major character in Star Wars VII. There's also an interesting casting announcement for Agents of SHIELD, some heartwarming news for fans of the Jurassic Park movies and a much-loved filmmaking duo tease their next collaboration, albeit somewhat murkily. So hold onto your butts as we fill you in on all the news that's fit to print (er, publish online), just in case you missed it...

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