10 Movie And TV Spoilers We Didn't Know Last Week (27th Aug)

10. Hawkeye Teased For Cap 3

The Winter Soldier was more or less an ensemble movie, with fellow Avenger Black Widow and Nick Fury taking on roles equal to (and in a certain case, much greater than) the title characters. That movie's huge success makes it clear that it's a formula that works for Marvel, so it's no surprise that the creatives behind the movie want to bring in other Avengers. It's recently been rumoured that Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye is being eyed for a role in the next movie in the franchise. Cap 2 directors Anthony and Joe Russo have been cagey about exact details, but they've made it clear that they want him in the film. Whether he'd be taking on a major supporting role like Black Widow or simply a cameo appearance is uncertain, but the fact that the Russos don't want us to know exactly in what capacity he'd be starring suggests that he might be plot-crucial to the next film. Renner himself has acknowledged the rumours, but doesn't seem to know much more than that he's being eyed for a role. More than anything, he just wants to know when they want him so he knows when he'll be able to stay home with his family.

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