10 Movie Answers Given YEARS Later

We finally found out who was on the other end of Falcon's radio call.

Ant-Man Falcon
Marvel Studios

It's certainly good for a movie to leave you with something to think about, perhaps a lingering, unanswered question that's debated and discussed online for years, maybe even decades into the future.

There are definitely times when a film's lack of answers or closure can be frustrating, though, especially if you have to wait a long damn time for the concrete truth, whether from a sequel, spin-off, or simply a belated interview with the cast or crew.

All 10 of these movies left audiences hanging with burning questions that went officially unanswered for years and years. Fans might've had their convincing and persuasive theories, but nothing was ever confirmed for sure.

That was until recently, when these agonising movie questions received objective, inarguable answers that left the fidgety fandom finally able to rest.

This isn't to say that each of the answers were 100% satisfying, but they were answers one way or another, closing the lid on mysteries which could've easily remained mysteries forever more.

While ambiguity can so often be a great thing, there are times when you just want the filmmakers to get over themselves and explain their work. To that end...

10. Will Scrat Ever Eat The Acorn? - Ice Age

Ant-Man Falcon
Blue Sky Studios

The Question:

Will Scrat ever eat that damn acorn? Since the very first Ice Age film in 2002, we've observed the saber-toothed squirrel's single-minded pursuit of his precious acorn, which has resulted in the object of his obsession escaping his grasp again and again.

The Answer:

Fans who've been watching Scrat with great interest over the last 20 (!) years finally got their wish, though it was certainly in bittersweet fashion.

With Ice Age creators Blue Sky Studios being shut down by Disney last year, the studio's animators teamed up to give both Scrat and the series an affecting final farewell.

Blue Sky recently released an unlisted video on YouTube simply called "The End," which showed Scrat embracing his beloved acorn once more, looking around and waiting for chaos to ensue, and then gladly devouring the acorn when nothing stopped him.

Scrat then seems to consider what emptiness his future might hold with the acorn finally consumed, before bouncing off the screen to seek adventure elsewhere.

Considering that Scrat is effectively the franchise mascot, and has proven consistently entertaining even as the Ice Age sequels became increasingly dire, it was unexpectedly affecting to see his quest finally fulfilled.

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