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9. What Happens To Peter After Gwen's Death? - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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The Question:

The Amazing Spider-Man franchise was widely expected to be a trilogy in the very least, but after the second film underwhelmed critically and commercially, Sony pumped the brakes on a threequel.

And so, Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker was left in an unfortunate limbo of-sorts, grieving his late girlfriend Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) while heading back out into New York City to fight crime.

Yet almost a decade removed from his last adventure, what would Peter be up to now?

The Answer:

In addition to being an unfathomably popular fan service exercise, Spider-Man: No Way Home's multiversal mechanics allowed Marvel Studios to give fans a semblance of closure on Garfield's "Peter Three."

Rather than simply paper over Peter Three's grief and present him as his typically heroic, sarcastic Spider-Man, the film surprisingly lingers on the fact that he's failed to properly move on from Gwen's death, stewing in his misery in a way that impacts both his personal life and heroism.

Peter Three is driven by anger and depression when we first see him again, though over the course of the film regains a sense of hope by helping the other Spider-Men resolve the multiversal anomaly - and catch a falling MJ (Zendaya) too, of course.

While some fans are hoping for more MCU adventures featuring Peter Three, this is probably best thought of as a neat little epilogue which gave both fans and Garfield himself closure on the character.

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