10 Movie Auditions You Would Not Believe

Peter Jackson REALLY was not a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal...

Peter Jackson Jake Gyllenhaal
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You may find this hard to believe but even the greatest actors ever to grace the silver screen have had to appease a panal of expert Casting Directors and cross their fingers in the hope they can land that once in a lifetime role.

With any interview/audition is the invitation of pressure into the room. Pressure can be a great thing as it can be utilised for adrenaline and the sharpening of your senses for the all-important moment or it can cause you to crumble to the ground and wish you were anywhere else, but that spot.

It's vital that a casting director sees the actor at their apex and to do that they are required to ask unusual things of a performer to extract their ability. Sometimes the Casting Director/Director do this by being plain difficult or they can offer the stage for an actor to improvise.

Singing 'Pure Imagination' whilst pretending to be an oil slick seems like a walk in the park compared to what these actors were put through... here's 10 Auditions you would NOT believe.

10. Ryan Gosling Was Once Cut Off By A Casting Director's Phone

Peter Jackson Jake Gyllenhaal

In a hilarious, life imitating art moment, Ryan Gosling found himself cruelly disrupted by a Casting Director mid-way through an undisclosed audition. The story goes that Gosling was completely pouring his heart and soul into his work and had put on a convincing show of the part in question but when the call came, this Casting Director couldn't wait for his brilliance to finish.

A couple of years later Emma Stone's character in Damien Chazelle's La La Land had to work her way through an audition with the same sequence of events taking place on screen. You get the feeling Gosling could have had an input in the scene in question as the two stories match up too closely to be a coincidence.

The joke looks to be on said Casting Director as that rude interruption of Gosling may have cost them the scoop of discovering one of the finest actors of his generation.


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