10 Movie Auditions You Would Not Believe

9. Jake Gyllenhaal Was "The Worst Actor" Peter Jackson Had "Ever Seen"

Peter Jackson Jake Gyllenhaal
Open Road Films

Any actor will tell you that one of the key facets to any audition going well is preparation. If you school yourself on what is required of the role in question then you stand a good chance of being considered, should the meeting go well.

Nobody highlighted that need for prep more than Jake Gyllenhaal, in his audition for the part of Frodo in the iconic Lord of the Rings trilogy. Gyllenhaal had entered the room, unaware that he was supposed to be equipped with an English accent for the part. He tried to wing it and stumbled through the reading before Peter Jackson apparently exclaimed "You are the worst actor I have ever seen."

It was a hard lesson to learn, but Gyllenhaal has gone on to star in multiple mega movies over the years. Sadly we still haven't got the chance to see him with pointed ears and gigantic hairy feet... yet.


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