10 Movie Cameos Actors Hated

Hayley Atwell wanted more from Captain Carter.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Captain Carter
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Who among us doesn't love seeing a great actor show up for a quick cameo? All the more so if it's a totally unexpected, completely genuine surprise.

Yet regardless of how they're received by audiences, cameos are a whole other matter for actors, often representing a ton of effort for a minimal return either financially or creatively.

Case in point, these 10 movie cameos largely left these actors unmoved for one reason or another, to the extent that they perhaps even flat-out hated them.

Maybe it was nothing more than a blatant paycheck role, they felt it undermined the series' ongoing story, or came to regret it in retrospect following the audience response.

Whatever the reason, these actors had few kind words to say about these cameos in huge movies - cameos which were for the most part highly buzzed about and extensively discussed by fans afterwards.

But again, what gives audiences 30 seconds to point their finger at the screen, Leo-style, and stare in awe at a surprise appearance, represents considerably greater hassle and effort for the actors involved...

10. Benedict Cumberbatch - Zoolander 2

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Captain Carter

Benedict Cumberbatch had a brief cameo appearance in Zoolander 2 as All, a non-binary fashion model, as proved predictably controversial following the movie's release.

Many understandably felt that Cumberbatch's portrayal of the cartoonishly non-binary character was "punching down" at the LGBTQ+ community, who called for a boycott of the film.

Though one of the film's writers, Justin Theroux, and also co-star Will Ferrell spoke out to defend Cumberbatch, the actor himself kept relatively quiet on the matter, until a Variety interview last year where he tactfully expressed regret over the role and especially how it was received:

"There was a lot of contention around the role, understandably now... And I think in this era, my role would never be performed by anybody other than a trans actor. But I remember at the time not thinking of it necessarily in that regard, and it being more about two dinosaurs, two heteronormative clichés not understanding this new diverse world. But it backfired a little bit."

Cumberbatch is surely relieved, then, that Zoolander 2 bombed at the box office and evaporated from the collective cultural consciousness in record time.


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