10 Movie Cameos That Were Total Accidents

If Dustin Hoffman walks onto your set, you give him a job to do.

Nuclear Waste George Lucas
Gordon McDowell

Everybody loves a cameo. An appearance from a surprise and often friendly face that you didn't anticipate can make moviegoers feel good about what they're watching by adding depth or even just an unexpected laugh. And sometimes, those are the best kinds of laughs!

It's a shared moment of joy, whether you're watching with friends or you go on the internet when you're done, that we can all go "Hey! Did you spot that actor in the background? I didn't see that one coming!". Movies that pull off surprise cameos, we salute you for bringing us this very specific kind of joy.

However, life will always find a way to mess with you and some cameos are not just something that audiences never predicted but also something that the crew didn't ether. Whether it's actors who need to be replaced last minute, accidental extras or mistakes that were never removed there are plenty of reasons that a film might have a cameo that occurred totally by accident.

But remember, not all accidents are bad. Some of these pure chance cameos worked out to be something truly great. And if they weren't, there are at least now enshrined on the internet as a part of movie trivia from now until the end of time.

10. 6 Underground - Ryan Reynolds

Nuclear Waste George Lucas

Explosive action movie 6 Underground was Netflix’s most expensive production when it was released in 2019 which isn’t all that surprising considering its credits. Directed by Michael Bay and featuring all the over-the-top action you would expect from him, the film’s lead role of One is played by hot commodity Ryan Reynolds.

Wait, so how exactly does Ryan Reynolds cameo in his own movie? The answer is: as himself.

During production, the Deadpool star took it upon himself to make use of his time away from the camera to make an amusing Instagram video. Reynolds talks about the highlights of working with Michael Bay being the “quiet moments” just as a speeding vehicle slams into a van and spins through the air just metres behind him.

Of course, the star’s biggest fans took to scrubbing through the movie on release to see if this take was the one that had made it into the picture. Sure enough, during a car chase through the streets of Florence Italy, for a brief second a man of Ryan’s build can be seen leaning against a wall.

It’s visible for just a moment but it’s a fun little piece of trivia that seems somehow very accurate for Reynold’s propensity for breaking the fourth wall.


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