10 Movie Character Designs Changed In Subtle Ways

9. Mera's Red Hair Got Brighter - Aquaman

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Aquaman's love interest Mera (Amber Heard) made her first DCEU appearance in the 2017 "Whedon Cut" of Justice League, where in her brief role she rocked a fairly muted head of red hair, tending more towards a fiery orange than anything.

But in Aquaman released the next year, Mera's hair was suddenly an almost cartoonish shade of red, and her costume also a more vibrant green.

While the changes haven't ever been officially explained, this is likely due to the differing aesthetic preferences of original Justice League director Zack Snyder and Aquaman filmmaker James Wan.

Aquaman is a far brighter, more colourful film than either version of Justice League, so it makes sense that Wan would want to make Mera pop off the screen.

However, the bright-red dye job on Amber Heard for Aquaman was so strong that the film's colorist, Mark Griffith, actually had to de-saturate it for some scenes where it distracted the viewer from other elements in the frame.

Confusingly, Mera was back to her old orange 'do in last year's Snyder Cut of Justice League - even in the newly-shot Knightmare scene - yet will be back to bright-red for her part in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.


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