10 Movie Character Details You Didn't Notice

What's that dangling from Jack Sparrow's belt? And other insane movie character details you missed!

Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean

What takes a character from being a fun little addition to a movie, to a compelling personality that you simply cannot get enough of?

Well, it comes down to a word that is simple in vocal delivery, but takes a skilled hand and supreme eye for nuance to properly execute on the big screen: Detail.

While we have regularly seen directors infuse rich tiny beats and knowing tidbits into the background of many a feature, perhaps in the form of an exciting prop or cameo appearance, adding vital layers to a character's history, way of thinking, or even their choice of fashion can be just as rewarding to discover later down the line as even the most glorious passing Easter Egg.

Whether they involved a superhero flaunting the valuable lessons learnt from the failures of the past, an anti-hero carrying around a piece of home on their waist, or even a sneaky treasure hidden behind a smile, each of the following entries all proved that the most detailed of movie characters act as memorable gifts that simply keep on giving upon each and every subsequent watch.

10. Lambert Was Transgender - Aliens

Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean
20th Century Fox

Sometimes we can go entire movies without discovering crucial details about characters, only to have some valuable light shed on them in a sequel or prequel later down the line.

This much was true when it came to the Nostromo's navigator in the first Alien movie, Lambert. Though she dies a rather horrendous death in said 1979 feature from director Ridley Scott, her legacy lived on as the crew's various deaths were recapped during James Cameron's sequel Aliens.

It's here where a blink and you'll miss it detail about Lambert is brought to light for the first time. According to her report, Lambert was in fact transgender, with it being specifically noted that she was a "Despin Convert at birth (male to female)."

As well as this enlightening additional information on the character, it's also revealed that she was diagnosed as having "slight hyperactivity and nervousness", something that most would agree was abundantly clear from her actions throughout that first Alien feature.


Lifts rubber and metal. Watches people flip in spandex and pretends to be other individuals from time to time...