10 Movie Character Details You Didn't Notice

9. Yondu's Prototype Fin Drastically Alters Arrow Trajectory - Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

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Marvel Studios

One of the stand-out moments in the entire first Guardians of the Galaxy film came during the sequence which involved the blue-skinned Yondu whistling away a bunch of goobers with the aid of his Yaka Arrow.

So, keen to deliver on the Yondu arrow whooping goods once more in the sequel three years later, James Gunn had the character absolutely obliterate his mutinous crew via similar means. However, instead of his tool of torture gliding through the air in a controlled and equally devastating manner, the arrow erratically bounces around the ship as Yondu's former crew mates are picked off one by one in a reckless storm of carnage.

With Yondu now boasting a prototype fin on his noggin - after Baby Groot's many hilarious attempts to retrieve the kit - it appears his new device for controlling the arrow still has a few kinks that need ironing out. Though it's as powerful as ever (if not more so), the arrow's behaviour resembles a child throwing around a sparkler on Bonfire night more than it does a badass Centaurian playing by his own rules.


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