10 Movie Characters Destined To Be Killed Off

9. Agent Smith - Matrix 4

John Wick
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Actor Hugo Weaving sadly admitted he hadn’t been called up for the Wachowski Sister’s forthcoming Matrix 4, saying his schedule didn’t fit the film’s production and by the time he returned the director’s calls in hopes of organising a work around, they’d already moved on without him. It’ll come as devastating news for fans of Weaving’s all-time great villainous performance, with the actor’s sneering embodiment of sentient computer virus Agent Smith remaining one of the nought’s most iconic antagonists.

Now you may be wondering why Agent Smith is on this list at all, given that the character already “died” after assimilating Neo at the close of the original trilogy. However, that can’t quite be right, since series star Keanu Reeves has been confirmed to return for the reboot in the role of Neo, meaning it’s reasonable to expect that whatever machinations allowed the chosen one to survive would have kept his nemesis alive by the same token.

Here’s hoping that, having chosen against accommodating the actor, the creators can at least offer an explanation as to the continued demise of Agent Smith despite the return of Neo which is satisfying to fans and newcomers alike, given their decision to retain both Reeves’ protagonist.

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