10 Movie Characters That Mean More Than You Think

More than meets the eye.

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It's not always immediately apparent how much thought has gone into a movie character, either because their important contributions are subtly downplayed, or because the filmmakers were forced to trim things back during production.

For while cinema is littered with examples of initially inconsequential characters who went on to do great things - think Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis) in Harry Potter - sometimes that wider importance is a little tougher to notice.

And so, we come to these 10 characters, from minor bit-parts that harboured massive, unspoken backstories, to low-key heroes who changed things forever more, to whom you've probably not given much thought over the years.

Most of them came and went relatively quickly with a seemingly minimal necessity in the grand scheme of things, but when you actually examine the bigger picture, production and all, it's clear there's a lot more here going in than appears to be the case at first glance.

The next time you watch these movies, you'll never think about these relatively minor characters the same way again...

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