10 Movie Characters That Were Written Out In Dumb Ways

Characters who deserved better than to be thrown out of sequels.

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Movie sequels often try to replicate the success of the original. This is done by bringing back elements from the previous film such as the main cast.

There are instances, however, where not everyone returns. This is due to story reasons or actors refusing to come back. Because of this, characters are written out of movies.

Most of the time, they are taken out gracefully with reasonable explanations. But there are times when removing key players can harm the reception of the sequel.

This can be due to the way the person was written out. The explanation for their absence might not make any sense or is way too convenient. Some instances might even be considered a betrayal to the story. In other cases, there are characters that are too beloved to be written out. Audiences grew attached to them and are left disappointed when their favorites fail to make an appearance.

Regardless, the absences of these characters left fans frustrated. Their presence were sorely missed and they deserved better.

10. John Myers - Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Aliens newt

John Myers was one of the primary characters in 2004's Hellboy. Played by Rupert Evans, the character was created specifically for the film. Because of the dense lore of the movie, Myers served as the audience surrogate.

An FBI agent, he was assigned to the BRPD to look after the titular character. He also served as a rival for Hellboy as he got to know Liz Sherman over the course of the film. Despite Evans' efforts, the character was overshadowed by his co-stars. This was because compared to the film's demons, pyrokinetics and fish, Myers was just a regular guy.

When it came time for the sequel, audiences were already familiar with the world of Hellboy. Consequently, this made Myers' role pointless and so he was written out. The red demon explains in the sequel that he got the agent transferred to Antartica.

Despite not being the most interesting character in the series, it's a shame that he was taken out in a casual manner. With the lack of news regarding Hellboy III, it seems like audiences won't be seeing Agent Myers ever again.

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