10 Movie Characters That Were Written Out In Dumb Ways

9. Oz - American Wedding

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Chris Ostreicher was one of the main characters in 1999's American Pie. Known as Oz to his friends, he was the lovable jock who fell for choir girl Heather. As the romance blossomed, he became a better person because of it.

American Pie 2 then explored their long-distance relationship as the two studied in different colleges. Chris Klein's earnest performance served as a contrast to his raunchier friends.

But in the third film, American Wedding, Oz was suspiciously absent. Unlike the previous two movies, the story focused on Jim and Michelle's wedding. Due to that fact, a lot of the previous supporting characters were cut from the film.

To American Wedding's defense, the cast had become overcrowded. Having an increased emphasis on Steve Stiffler, supporting characters like Kevin were left with nothing to do. Oz's inclusion might have risked wasting the character.

Still, the lovable jock could have shown up in a cameo during the ceremony itself. For someone as loyal as Oz, to miss his friend's wedding did not make any sense. Thankfully, the character made his return in American Reunion.

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