10 Movie Characters They Couldn't Stop Killing Off

Professor X has now died FOUR times in movies.

 X-Men Xavier

Killing off a beloved or iconic character can result in an unforgettable movie moment that fans will talk about for years, or maybe even decades. The emotional impact of a meaningful death scene speaks for itself, though sometimes apparently one death just isn't really enough.

These 10 movie characters all ended up dying at least three times if not a whole lot more, across either a single movie or several, perhaps even to the point that audiences got a little sick of it.

In most cases these characters were killed multiple times through supernatural shenanigans - more lately relating to the multiverse, in fact - enough that it basically started getting a little bit silly.

In some examples that was absolutely the point, while in others the filmmakers simply went back to the same storytelling well a few times too many, killing a character off again and again to the point where it absolutely lost all impact.

Whatever the reason and no matter how it was received by audiences, these 10 movie characters kicked the bucket on-screen again, and again, and again for our apparent entertainment...

10. Doctor Strange - The MCU

 X-Men Xavier
Marvel Studios

Though a good number of The Avengers have died at least once courtesy of Thanos' (Josh Brolin) fateful finger snap, Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) holds the distinction of having died way, way more than any other MCU superhero.

In his debut solo movie, Strange unforgettably uses the Eye of Agamotto to trap inter-dimensional supervillain Dormammu (voiced by Cumberbatch) in a time loop, prompting the incensed entity to repeatedly kill Strange in an attempt to escape.

A hilarious montage shows Strange being killed around a dozen times - incinerated, stabbed, crushed, and so on - but it's implied that the loop went on far, far longer than this before Dormammu gave up and agreed to spare Earth.

Doctor Strange co-writer Jon Spaihts has stated that Strange died "dozens of times, if not hundreds of times," so there it is.

But that's not all - Strange was also one of the victims of The Blip, which turned him to dust for five years, and then most recently in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the Defender Strange variant is killed by a demon and outrageously resurrected as a zombie later on.

Plus, don't forget about Strange Supreme, the version from Earth-838 who gets disintegrated by Black Bolt (Anson Mount), and of course the villainous Sinister Strange, who the Prime Strange impales during their climactic fight.

Even a conservative estimate puts Strange's MCU deaths at close to 30, but considering how many times Strange would've had to die to exasperate Dormammu enough to leave Earth alone, he's surely died at least several hundred times, right?


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