10 Movie Characters Who Aren't What You Think

Mind. Blown.

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One of the many wonderful things about cinema - and art in general, honestly - is its subjectivity, and its willingness to be open to multiple unique interpretations.

But of course, far away from what most audiences take away from movies, there are theories and flat-out "confirmations" from the filmmakers themselves which might force you to think twice about what you think you know.

Case in point, the nature of these 10 movie characters is fundamentally different from what you most likely expected, and if you haven't kept your ear to the ground over the years, you're probably totally unaware.

From unexpected aspects of their identity to off-screen character traits that seem absolutely vital in retrospect, you'll never view these characters the same way again.

Though fans are of course free to invoke the Death of the Author and insist that filmmakers and actors don't have the final say on their own work, these heady, mind-blowing explanations of iconic movie characters make convincing arguments that you're probably looking at them the "wrong" way...

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