10 Movie Characters Who Debuted Much Earlier Than You Think

Peter Parker was there all along.

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One of the toughest tasks facing any filmmaker is giving audiences a character they can relate to and remember fondly, whether frontline A-listers or more modest yet equally unforgettable supporting players.

Developing a character for audiences to latch onto takes time, and often, directors will workshop their characters by subtly testing them out in a prior movie, long before audiences have any idea what they're looking at.

As such, these 10 movie characters, from beloved heroes to iconic sidekicks and small-yet-distinctive bit-part players, were all sneakily introduced to audiences years before they showed up in their more familiar form.

From secret debuts cleverly hidden in plain sight, to characters whose histories were retroactively altered by subsequent movies, these characters were all around far longer than even eagled-eyed viewers ever expected.

Quite what it says about these franchise's respective continuities is a whole tougher question and one generally left open for debate. For inquisitive fans, though, that's no bad thing...

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