10 Movie Characters Who Debuted Much Earlier Than You Think

10. Dug (Up) - Ratatouille

Up Dug Ratatouille

The Character

Dug (Bob Peterson), the loveable talking Golden Retriever sidekick in Pixar's Best Picture-nominated 2009 animation Up, best remembered for his noted dislike of the Cone of Shame.

Their REAL Debut

Pixar has a habit of including playful visual nods to their upcoming movies in their prior releases, but even accepting the studio's penchant for clever Easter eggs, Dug was lucky enough to basically get a glorified cameo in Ratatouille.

Some two years before Up was released, Dug appeared in Ratatouille as a canine silhouette which chases rat protagonist Remy (Patton Oswalt) around.

The dog's shadow appears on screen for only around a second, but its shape is unmistakably identical to Dug.

Quite what the adorable doggo was doing in Paris, however, is another mystery altogether.

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