10 Movie Characters Who Looked Completely Human (But Weren't)

marybeth-faculty Looks can be deceiving. Movies are full of characters who aren't what they seem. I've only just finished an article about characters who don't look tough, but actually are, which is testament to that fact. On a related note, there are countless characters out there who appear, on the surface at least, to be very normal human beings, whereas they're actually something more. Aliens, vampires, robots - you name it - they've all tried to blend in with society by assuming the appearance of one of us. Sometimes it's with lethal intent, other times it's simply because they do indeed want to blend in. And sometimes it's simply because they belong to a race that happens to look like us. With that in mind, here are ten movie characters who looked completely human, but actually weren't human at all...

10. Joe Black (Meet Joe Black)

Joe Black Following a meeting a young woman, Susan, in a coffee shop, a vibrant but unnamed young man is killed after being hit by numerous cars in a terrible accident - all unbeknownst to Susan. Later, that apparently dead man turns up at Susan's Father's house (Bill, played by Anthony Hopkins). It turns out that it is actually the embodiment of Death using the man's body - the Grim Reaper, so to speak. He turns up because Bill is going to die. Susan eventually falls deeply in love with him, believing him to be the man she met at the coffee shop. Death, now under the influence of human desires and emotions, becomes attracted to her as well. Bill angrily confronts him about his relationship with his daughter, but Death (who has now been formally introduced as "Joe Black") declares his intention to take Susan with him for his own. Ultimately, "Joe" takes Bill to the afterlife, but allows the man whose body he had used to come back to life, at which point he greets Susan, with all memories of his time as Death gone, and the destiny of their relationship is left open to interpretation.

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