10 Movie Characters Whose Fates Are Never Resolved

10. Lee Montgomery - Death Proof

Death Proof Mary Elizabeth Winstead
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Death Proof may be near-universally accepted to be Quentin Tarantino's worst film, but it's still a fun slice of B-movie exploitation that knows exactly what it is.

And though the film deals out memorable fates to most of its focal characters, there is one significant supporting character who is bizarrely left hanging at film's end.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead appears in the movie as Lee Montgomery, a beautiful cheerleader who ends up unwillingly left as collateral with creep Jasper (Jonathan Loughran) while her friends take out Jasper's 1970 Dodge Challenger for a ride.

While Lee's friends mete out bloody revenge against Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) at the end of the movie, Tarantino never actually bothers to return to Lee.

This is especially troubling as Lee's pal Abernathy (Rosario Dawson) told Jasper that she was a porn actress, and so the last time we saw Lee, she was catching some extremely unsavory looks from the guy.

It's also worth noting that actor Jonathan Loughran played an unnamed rapist trucker in Tarantino's prior Kill Bill movies. The dual casting is surely an intentional implication on the director's part, as befits the film's thoroughly sleazy tone.

Lee's fate is never resolved, though it seems highly likely that she's either raped and/or killed by Jasper, or in a "best" case scenario, is forced to have sex with him when the girls return his destroyed car and he cashes in the collateral.


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