10 Movie Characters Whose Fates Are Never Resolved

9. Kristoff - Die Hard

Die Hard Kristoff

Die Hard is such an incredibly tight, well-crafted action movie from start to finish, and though John McClane (Bruce Willis) ambiguously vanquishes smooth-talking terrorist Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) at the end, the fate of one low-key character is still left up in the air.

Once Gruber is dealt with, there are two terrorists who appear to remain alive, the first being computer hacker Theo (Clarence Gilyard Jr.), who is of course knocked out in the underground garage by Argyle (De'voreaux White) in the movie's finale.

But there's another villain everyone always forgets about, and that's Kristoff (Gerald Bonn), a French terrorist who assists Theo when he's busy cracking the vault. Moments before Hans is killed, he can be seen running away and then getting knocked out by John.

But the hit itself clearly wasn't forceful enough to kill Kristoff, and yet he's never seen again.

It's of course entirely plausible that he's taken into custody after this, but amid the utter carnage of it all, he probably has a not-terrible chance of slipping away undiscovered.

After all, canvassing 35 floors is no easy feat, especially with the FBI's finest blown to smithereens and Dwayne T. Robinson (Paul Gleason) calling the shots.

If the gigantic Karl (Alexander Godunov) was able to sneak his way out of Nakatomi and almost murder John in the film's final scene, why not this petite, harmless-looking Frenchman?

While Clarence Gilyard Jr., who played Theo, has claimed he was the only terrorist to survive the movie, he of course isn't remotely the Word of God here, so Kristoff's fate still remains a total mystery.


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