10 Movie Characters Whose Fates Were Left Frustratingly Unresolved

10. Moses - Attack The Block

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The surprise film of 2011 for sure, Attack the Block was simple in concept but enormously effective all the same. It took a clichéd alien invasion plot and set it in inner city London and honestly who doesn't want to see horrific alien creatures terrifying people on their way back from Tesco?

This is also the film that gave the world John Boyega (as Moses) and we should all be grateful.

Throughout the movie , Moses and his "mandem" try to evade the clutches of both the law and the wonderfully titled "gorilla motherf*ckers". And aside from some issues that arose from young black kids being written by an older, white middle-class writer, the movie is genuinely thrilling and hilarious, and ends with Moses as the hero of the story.... or does he?

At the end of the film, Moses is escorted into a police van whilst a crowd cheers his name, knowing that he is the one that killed the aliens once and for all. Jodie Whittaker's Sam backs up this story to the police, but that doesn't answer what exactly is in store for Moses once the screen cuts to black.

Given the fact that there's a trail of dead bodies, extensive property damage and also two 9 year olds wielding a homemade flame thrower you can probably guess.

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