10 Movie Characters Whose Fates Were Left Frustratingly Unresolved

Some movie endings left us dying for more.


"No, I am your father"...

Those words combine to make up probably the most famous movie cliffhanger of all time. One can only imagine how agonising the three year wait was between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. But, however pain-inducing the wait was, audiences got their answers eventually.

Before Sunset had us wondering whether Jesse and Celine would FINALLY end up together… And we got the answer there as well, but audiences had to wait NINE WHOLE YEARS to find it out.

Other times, we are given resolutions which completely undermine the story. X2 teased the Dark Phoenix story line towards the end of the movie. Then three years later we got The Last Stand, one of the most disappointing adaptations of a legendary comic book story.

Whether these resolutions were disappointing or not, at least we still got answers. Sometimes, we are left completely in the dark and only have our imagination to fill in the blanks. Because some movies end up leaving audiences dying for more, continuously questioning just what happened to our beloved characters after the credits started to roll.

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