10 Movie Characters You Secretly Wish Your Girlfriend Was Like

Ever been sat in the cinema with a girlfriend or a date and found yourself paying more attention to the girl on screen than the one next to you? This list is an homage to the sirens of the silver screen who draw unwilling males into their web of seduction. These female characters are not perfect, and do not possess all the qualities which constitute the mythical fabric of €˜girlfriend material€™. Instead they demonstrate some of the positive characteristics which are highly desirable in males and females alike. Noble and chivalrous traits such as compassion or a sense of humour, or the ability to look after you when the world is in the throes of a post-nuclear apocalypse. Basic qualities which are the cornerstone of any healthy relationship. So without further ado, I present to you this list of lovely ladies whose picture no man would be ashamed to keep in his wallet. Lastly, by choosing to write this I am immediately skating on very thin ice. I am taking the risk that my girlfriend could see it, and if she does, there is a high probability that she will not take too kindly to this article. But then again, there remains in me an ideological hope that perhaps girlfriends everywhere will read this article and subconsciously emulate the characters who made the list. Or at least acknowledge and appreciate them. Man can always dream.

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