10 Movie Characters You Secretly Wish Your Girlfriend Was Like

10. Cherry Darling - Planet Terror

To those who haven€™t seen Robert Rodriguez€™s grindhouse extravaganza Planet Terror; go and see it now. It€™s easily one of the most ridiculous, most entertaining films ever made. Planet Terror is set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and in the event of this there are few people you would rather have by your side than Cherry Darling (Rose McGowan). The key word in describing Cherry is resilience. Most people, after having their leg torn off by bloodthirsty zombies, would probably immediately seek medical attention and book a few weeks off work to rest and recuperate. But not Cherry. With a wooden table leg wedged in the stump where her actual leg should be, she soldiers on; kicking zombie butt like it€™s what she was born to do. More impressively still, when you think she couldn€™t be any more badass, her wooden stump is replaced by a machine gun with a grenade launcher attachment. That€™s right, she€™s a girl with a machine gun leg. And by some miracle of science, she can fire the gun through her stump. That is why she makes the list.

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