10 Movie Deaths No-One Was Ready For

9. Bing-Bong - Inside Out

Inside Out Bing Bong

Anyone who's watched even a single Pixar movie knows that the studio has a bit of a thing about mortality anxiety. It all started back when Toy Story was making everyone feel guilty about growing up and there's been a rich thread of stories about rejection, redundancy and death. Yay for kids movies, I guess...?

Inside Out was always going to be emotional because it's a film fundamentally about emotions, but for them to take the Toy Story message about the necessary pains of growing older and to slam it down so hard with the death of Bing Bong was too much. This wasn't just the death of an innocent, it was the death of innocence and a reminder to every grown-up watching that we'd abandoned every imaginative thing we'd ever loved to a fate worse than death.

Thanks, Pixar.

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