10 Movie Deaths Not Even The Actors Saw Coming

From malfunctioning blood bags, to hidden bodies, to the endless confusion of one Bucky Barnes...

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Sometimes in the wild and ever changing world of film, there's no knowing quite what you're signing up for.

Some actors may think they're in for a minor role and end up becoming a sensation whose part is expanded, and sometimes a well-known star can take on a major part only to be rudely informed at the last second that actually, their character is on the chopping block.

At least, that was the case for the cast members listed here, all of whom were surprised by an unexpected death in one form or another whilst making a movie, Whether they weren't informed of who'd be killed of at all, they had no idea when or where a body would show up, or they just weren't warned quite how gory things would get during the scene in question, here are ten cases where actors had no idea what fate awaited them when they stepped onset.

10. Dean Keaton - The Usual Suspects

Iron Man 3 Rebecca Hall
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This one is pretty infamous amongst film buffs, but poor Gabriel Byrne wasn't just surprised by the death of one of his most famous characters. The Irish actor wasn't even aware, until after opening night, which character he was actually playing.

In 1995's twisty mystery The Usual Suspects, Byrne plays one of the more central criminal associates involved in mastermind Keyser Soze's convoluted plan, and like the rest of his crew, he bites the bullet early into proceedings before the rest of the film is told through flashbacks.

However, Byrne believed his character would be revealed as Keyser Soze, meaning he actually survived, resulting in a nasty surprise for him when the film debuted.

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