10 Movie Details Hidden In Another Language

Hidden in plain sight.

The 40 Year Old Virgin Steve Carell Jane Lynch

Cinema may be the universal language of images, but it certainly helps if we can understand what a movie's characters are also saying, right?

While dialogue in other languages is typically subtitled in the overwhelming majority of movies, sometimes this isn't the case, whether for dramatic effect or in order to hide a sneaky Easter egg.

These 10 Hollywood films, from smaller indies to almost impossibly huge blockbusters, all concealed fascinating movie details in plain sight by hiding them within the sneaky safety of another language.

From shocking character backstories to outrageously demented jokes, subtle foreshadowing, and everything in-between, it's clear that Hollywood has a habit of cramming added value into untranslated "foreign" dialogue wherever it can.

For audiences who speak only English, no subtitled assistance was given to understand these dialogues, whether small but curious human moments or completely devastating revelations.

Either way, these non-English movie moments offered up additional storytelling details, references, and even extra jokes for anyone who happened to have the required language knowledge...

10. Chief Is A Demi-God - Wonder Woman

The 40 Year Old Virgin Steve Carell Jane Lynch
Warner Bros

Among Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor's (Chris Pine) more minor allies is a Native American by the name of Chief (Eugene Brave Rock), who while seemingly given little character development throughout the film, reveals a good deal more about himself in his native Blackfoot language.

His mid-film chit-chat with Diana is left unsubtitled, but effectively sees the Chief confirming that he's a Blackfoot demi-god by the name of Napi.

Though the few fans who noticed this basically took it to be nothing more than a cute Easter egg, actor Eugene Brave Rock confirmed that, indeed, his character is exactly who he says he is.

Still, for all but the 8,000 people worldwide who actually speak Blackfoot, it flew clean over their heads.


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