10 Movie Details Hidden In Subtitles

Did Captain Britain make his MCU debut in Avengers: Endgame?


There are two types of film watchers - those who watch everything with subtitles turned on, and those who just can't bear the damn distraction.

No judgement here in either case, but watching movies with subtitles on can be a valuable way to get a little more out of your viewing experience, because subtitle tracks on both home video and streaming services can reveal subtleties about a scene that you'd otherwise have little chance of hearing.

Seemingly insignificant incidental dialogue is often mixed-down so low that even those wearing headphones are scarcely able to hear it, but thanks to subtitles, you're able to know precisely what everybody is saying.

While much of this dialogue may be totally minor in the scope of the overall narrative, sometimes these surreptitious one-liners do actually reveal neat details about a movie's story or characters, or even offer up a nifty Easter egg nobody saw coming.

And if you managed to catch any of these without subtitles switched on, give yourself a firm pat on the back...

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