10 Movie Details You Totally Missed The First Time

9. Surprise Pennywise - It: Chapter One

It Pennywise
Warner Bros.

2017's It did a fantastic job of crafting a rare studio horror flick that truly got under the skin, largely thanks to Bill Skarsgård's chilling performance as Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

The film thrives on Pennywise's haunting presence, which is felt even when he's off-screen, ensuring audiences are kept on their toes as they await his next appearance.

But Pennywise is actually in the movie far more than you might actually think, as his visage is peppered throughout a number of scenes for keen-eyed viewers to catch.

In the library scene, you maybe noticed the librarian, who is clearly Pennywise in disguise, creeping on Ben (Jeremy Ray Taylor) in the background as he reads about Derry's history. But you probably didn't notice that Pennywise is briefly visible in one of the book's photos that Ben is examining.

Elsewhere, after Ben gets hurt and is being patched up, the mural behind the Losers depicts Pennywise hiding underneath a car.

And when Richie (Finn Wolfhard) confesses his fear of clowns, we can see a clown on-stage in the background, who upon closer inspection is played by Bill Skarsgård - and therefore also Pennywise. What a troll.


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