10 Movie Details You Totally Missed The First Time

8. John's Backwards Watch - John Wick

John Wick Keanu Reeves
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The John Wick movies pride themselves on their commitment to slick filmmaking craft and rigorous technical detail as far as its combat is concerned (apart from those suspiciously quiet silenced pistols in John Wick 2, anyway).

But one minor yet fascinating detail relates to Wick's (Keanu Reeves) watch, which for the most part he wears reversed, with the strap facing outward while the watch face itself is visible only on the inside of his wrist.

This is a common technique among soldiers the world over for a number of reasons - it makes it easier to read in a tight situation, makes it less likely to be smashed on any exterior surfaces, and most importantly of all, ensures the glare from the watch face won't risk giving your position away to enemy combatants.

Given that Wick has a prominent back tattoo with a Latin translation of the United States Marine Corps phrase "Fortune Favours the Bold", it's pretty easy to figure out where a marksman of John's skill picked up this neat little trick.


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