10 Movie Directors Who F**king Doubled Down On Your Hate

Don't like what these movie directors bring to the table? Tough sh*t.

Dunkirk  Nolan
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The life of a movie director isn't what you'd define as a calm and relaxed existence, stuffed full of midday naps and care-free walks on the beach. Most days are overflowing with a vast array of mind-numbing problems ranging from the seemingly trivial to the potentially career-making.

So, it takes a certain sort of character to take up this often unenviable position and commit their futures to guiding a big screen picture into the world. And of the many attributes the most successful and prolific directors currently plying their trade in the business today possess, perhaps the most consistent among them is the ability to simply stick their fingers up at the naysayers and keep on making the work that gets them up in the morning.

Now, in some cases, perhaps listening to those critiquing and dissecting their pictures and pulling back on some of their more relied upon tropes would actually improve the overall quality of a director's work. But whether it's throwing a particular style of visual into just about anything they get their hands on or not being able to help themselves when utilising a game-changing tool, these directors just keep doing whatever the hell they want, even if it means leaning into what many ultimately hate about their filmography.

10. It's Always The End Of The World For Roland Emmerich

Dunkirk  Nolan
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There's something to be said about a director who simply does not give a toss about how their movies are received, how historically accurate they are, or how precise the science used in their big screen offerings is when all is said and done. In short, as Roland Emmerich has put it himself, this director is "a filmmaker, not a scientist". And boy, does it show.

With the director's features not exactly overflowing with rich dialogue, ever-twisting narratives, or even logical character developments for the most part, the over-reliance on CGI-heavy, and often nonsensical set-pieces in Emmerich's frequent ventures into the "what if the world got royally fudged up?" genre have become almost a parody of themselves at this point.

Perhaps most hilarious is the fact that Emmerich confessed 2012 would be his "last, quote-unquote, action-disaster movie.” For those keeping score, Independence Day: Resurgence hit theatres in 2016, with Moonfall, a movie about the Moon getting a little too close for comfort, set to collide with audiences next year.

Emmerich knows you're sick of watching the world tediously burn. But you can kiss his moon if you think he's stopping any time soon.


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