10 Movie Directors Who F**king Doubled Down On Your Hate

9. George Lucas Wants The Whole World To Be A Little More Computer Generated

Dunkirk  Nolan

Speaking of creators who are a little too fond of the old computer generated way of getting the job done, remember that time George Lucas saw your criticism of his Prequel Star Wars features and decided that the only logical next step was to fully overload his Original Trilogy with CGI? Good times.

And while it must be said that not every alteration made to Lucas' first set of features was unwelcome, there were moments when the iconic filmmaker got a little too trigger happy.

But it didn't matter if you weren't the biggest fan of the Prequel's VFX stuffed Clone Wars or a lack of Yoda puppetry, Lucas felt that this ground-breaking tool was the way going forward. So, fans were soon exposed to everything from excessive fake rocks blocking R2-D2 to massive, now clunky as all hell, Rontos bucking in the middle of Mos Eisley, with that latter piece of 1997 tinkering being used as a way to apparently excite viewers about the technology that would be on show in the then-incoming Prequels.

It did not, and it subsequently didn't stop Lucas from going back to the CGI well with his old flicks a few more times over the years...


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