10 Movie Easter Eggs You Never Spotted

10. Under The Silver Lake - The Hidden Message


Set in modern-day LA against a 50s film-noir aesthetic, David Robert Mitchell's polarising Under The Silver Lake follows Sam (Andrew Garfield) investigate the mysterious disappearance of his neighbour (Riley Keough), which involves strange symbols, hidden messages, a dog killer, and a nightmarish owl lady - yes, really.

Seeing as the film is all about hidden messages, it's only appropriate the film contains some of its own as Easter Eggs.

One of the most elaborate involves following a series of clues throughout the film, starting with a news message reading "Copiale graffiti". This refers to graffiti on a bathroom stall that uses the 250-year-old Copiale cipher. Cracking this reveals "coffee menu", which points to an earlier scene where Morse code is visible in a coffee shop. Solving that spells out another code that can be cracked using another hidden cipher, and if you manage that (with the help of another hidden clue) you'll have "What three words".

The aim now is to find these elusive words to get a location on website What3Words - although these are still up for debate. Some think it means using the Zodiac killer's cryptogram while others believe it's all just a wild goose chase.


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