10 Movie Endings That Leave More Questions Than Answers

9. The Thing

American Psycho

Since its release, The Thing has become a horror classic and is often regarded as John Carpenter's best film.

Set in Antarctica, The Thing follows a crew investigating a Norwegian camp looking for answers to a helicopter crash. They soon realise too late that some strange creature was the cause of the crash, a lifeform that can imitate others around them, shifting into exact clones.

Quickly, paranoia begins to grow as the crew starts to turn on each other, each accusing another that they're the creature. By the film's end, the two remaining characters sit side-by-side by their burning base.

Until this point, Childs has been missing, claiming he was lost in the snow storm, while MacReady has gone through the terror and massacre the creature placed upon him and his crew. Both men realise that one of them is the creature, but both are too exhausted to do anything about it.

The two share a drink with MacReady suggesting they both stay there "for a while, see what happens." Then the credits roll. We never find out who the creature is at the end.

Fans throughout the years have asked the same question, who was The Thing? One popular theory is that MacReady gave the men gasoline to drink instead of whiskey. While another claims that MacReady is the creature because he smiles at the end.

So who was it really? Where did the creature originally come from? Did it ever find its way out of Antartica into civilisation?


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