10 Movie Endings That Wanted To Piss You Off

Let's hope that the end of this list doesn't piss you off as much as these movies did.

Now You See Me

A truly brilliant movie can be completely ruined and overshadowed by a terrible ending. Bonus bad points if it's the end of a very long franchise *cough cough* Star Wars *cough cough*.

As an audience member, we are now immediately turned off by the "it was all a dream" endings, or when everything is wrapped up and resolved in the last 2 seconds à la War Of The Worlds. There is also a special place in hell for terrible Shyamalan-esque twist endings that have no payoff or earlier clues.

But sometimes, a filmmaker goes out of their way to make their movie ending enraging. After all, the purpose of a good movie is to make you feel something... so why not have that something be rage? Of course, committing to such a controversial technique means that these filmmakers have to be okay with pissing audience members off a little too much.

It's a fine line you have to walk, and it's not going to be for everyone, but there is definitely something to say for the ballsy-ness of these movie endings.

10. 500 Days Of Summer - Doomed To Repeat The Past

Now You See Me
Fox Searchlight

500 Days Of Summer is a heartbreaking tale about a man who gives everything he has to a relationship with a girl who just doesn't give the same... or is it?

The movie, at first, wants you to believe this fact, by presenting you with an architect working as a greetings card writer, who is a broken man. That is why, when he meets manic-pixie-dream-girl Summer, a woman who shares his love of The Smiths, Tom falls head over heels in love with her.

The first half of the movie is then just a montage of all the wonderful parts of their relationship. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, Summer breaks up with him. Tom is inconsolable, his work suffers from his depression and he struggles just to get out of bed.

A chance meeting with Summer, now engaged to be married, finally starts to make Tom realise how wrong he has been. Tom never loved Summer, he loved the idea he made of her in his mind, and he only remembered the good parts of their relationship.

This realisation is what Tom needs to finally save his own life, without the help of the perfect woman. But the ending of the movie just shows that Tom hasn't really changed when he meets Autumn, another emotionally distant dream girl. Ending the movie with the impression that once again Tom will pin his hopes and dreams on another woman.

What a way to end a movie.


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