10 Movie Endings The Audience Guessed Immediately

We all knew what was coming.

It's only natural that we as audiences love being surprised by movies - a third-act plot twist that blindsides viewers while actually making sense can be a wonderful thing.

But modern audiences are so savvy to all the storytelling tricks and tropes that it's becoming increasingly difficult to genuinely catch them off-guard, and often a project will take such an obvious narrative trajectory that fans have called it before shooting has even started.

Now, we're not merely talking about movies that follow a typical narrative structure - the guy gets the girl or evil is vanquished, for instance - but examples that are a little more specific. And of course, movies based on real events don't count, because that's no fun at all.

These 10 movies, then, all dished up foregone endings that the overwhelming majority of viewers twigged months in advance.

In some cases it was the only correct dramatic option for the movie and the predictability ultimately didn't harm it, while in others it was the laziest, most cynical choice possible and was furthered hampered by an underwhelming execution.

Either way, audiences en masse saw these endings coming miles off...


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