10 Movie Endings The Audience Guessed Immediately

10. Justice League

Justice League Superman Henry Cavill
Warner Bros.

As predictable as Batman v Superman mostly was, you'd be forgiven for not guessing that Superman (Henry Cavill) would die at the end, courtesy of steroid-pumped cave-troll Doomsday.

But the film's ending, which heavily implied the Man of Steel's resurrection, sure did make the entirety of Justice League incredibly easy to piece together, no?

With Warner Bros. leaning on Zack Snyder and demanding a simpler, more streamlined movie - a fact that was made public long before the film finally came out - Justice League ultimately had one goal, to make audiences like Superman again.

And though he spends massive chunks of the movie off-screen, Supes' spectacular return in the film's final battle couldn't feel anymore perfunctory, dropping a few rip-roaring one-liners and helping dismantle Steppenwolf (CiarĂ¡n Hinds) with ease.

The Justice League is then formally established, and that's all she wrote. Granted, predictability was far from the film's biggest problem, and had the execution been stronger, fans would've been happy to embrace Superman's return.

Instead, it all felt so mechanical and lazy, as though programmed by a Warner Bros. algorithm rather than written and directed with anything approaching creativity or critical thought.


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