10 Movie Endings You Can Only Work Out For Yourself

9. The Gift

The Lobster
Roadshow Films

In Joel Edgerton's outstanding debut, married couple Simon and Robyn Callem (Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall) run into Simon's old high school classmate Gordy (Edgerton) - an eccentric but seemingly well-meaning man who begins intruding on their personal life.

Simon quickly grows uncomfortable with Gordy's presence while Robyn is more accommodating, and eventually, Robyn becomes pregnant.

It's later revealed that, in high school, Simon made a false report that Gordo had been molested by an older boy, resulting in him being bullied and almost murdered by his own father, who believed he was gay.

This revelation drives a wedge between Simon and Robyn, who after giving birth to their son decides to separate from him. But at film's end, Simon finds a gift box left for him by Gordo, containing a video which implies he may have drugged and raped Robyn, and may therefore be the father of her child.

The movie concludes without Gordo confirming the agonising truth to Simon one way or another, in revenge for Simon refusing to own up to his own horrific act years prior.

The gift of the title, ultimately, is the doubt that Gordo plants in the mind of both Simon and the audience, and if both outcomes weren't equally plausible, the ending wouldn't really work.


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