10 Movie Flops That Will Become Cult Classics

9. Piranha 3DD

jupiter ascending
Dimension Films

Piranha 3DD had the temerity to turn its back on Piranha 3D, ignore the film’s cliffhanger ending and go in a campier direction, for which it paid dearly at the box office. While the original was a modest success, taking $83 million on a $24 million budget, this $20 million sequel made less than half its budget worldwide.

That might be because nobody came out the first movie thinking, “I can’t wait for the next one” or it might be because the title promises the ultimate sleazefest. Whatever the case, there’s more to Piranha 3DD than babes, blood and boobs: for one thing, there’s David Hasselhoff doing a hilarious self-parody.

Arriving at Big Wet Water Park, the home of the “cooch cam” and “water certified strippers”, The Hoff looks around and announces, “Welcome to rock bottom.” When Piranhas invade the pool, he has fun poking fun at himself, running in slow motion and failing to save a cute kid who’s decapitated by a flying fish. If you’ve ever wanted to see that, tune in.


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