10 Movie Franchise Staples Nobody Actually Cares About

Another mediocre MCU romance.

Avengers Infinity War Vision Scarlet Witch
Marvel Studios

Entertainment is all about giving the audience what they want, and while commercially successful blockbusters tend to live or die by this maxim, it's also fair to say that filmmakers and studios don't always know exactly what puts butts in seats.

For while the majority of these 10 movie franchises have at least served up the expected big-budget spectacle, they've also placed a baffling focus on plot elements, characters and themes that no audience member in their right mind gave the faintest care about.

These franchises have jumped in with both feet and relentlessly subjected viewers to narrative quirks, recurring characters and baffling creative missteps no matter how utterly apathetic and uninterested general audiences have been towards them.

Thankfully most of them don't ruin their own movies outright, but it's still odd that each series is nevertheless pressing ahead as though they're a vital franchise component, rather than a silly affectation viewers are forced to put up with...


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