10 Movie Franchises That Died In 2017

Not a great year for Michael Fassbender.

Alien Covenant

The lack of truly original new movies released every year is a potent reminder of just how reliant Hollywood is on franchises. Whether or not it actually suits the property in question, and whether audiences are actually that interested or not, almost every hit movie not called Inception gets a sequel (and maybe even a cinematic universe) eventually.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is surely the greatest present example of a franchise that has managed to endure and stave off audience fatigue, even as it releases multiple movies per year with no sign of slowing down.

For every Avengers-sized success, though, there are countless franchises that just can't find a way connect with audiences, and instead quickly banish themselves into the cinematic abyss.

These 10 franchises, both on-the-rise budding cinematic universes and existing multi-movie series, all divebombed at the box office in 2017, to the point that any planned future movies were quickly and quietly cancelled. Though the studios might not be keen to outwardly admit it, each franchise has effectively been killed dead.

Sure, at least several of these properties will probably up rebooted in a few years with a fresh new spin, but in terms of those original plans to keep the truckloads of cash coming in, things didn't quite go as the studios hoped...


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