10 Movie Franchises That Need To Ditch ONE Thing

9. The Constant Death Fakeouts - The Fast & The Furious

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While there's no denying that the Fast and the Furious franchise is a glorified soap opera that just so happens to be centered around vehicular carnage, the filmmakers are really starting to wear the "back from the dead" trope down to the nub.

It was daft enough when Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) was killed off in the fourth film, Fast and Furious, before Fast and Furious 6 retconned her demise complete with a telenovela-worthy amnesia arc.

Then Han (Sung Kang), who perished in the third movie, Tokyo Drift, was revived a whole 15 years later in F9, his resurrection so outrageous that the movie basically skirted around properly explaining it.

And with numerous insider reports stating that yet another clearly very dead character is due to make their return in the upcoming Fast X, what was once amusingly silly has become lazy through repetition, with the series' already gossamer-thin stakes being eroded almost entirely.

If nobody stays dead, then why care about anybody's wellbeing during the gravity-defying set-pieces? Really, the series needs to tilt back in the other direction and kill off a major member of the ensemble in an impactful way that actually sticks.


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