10 Movie Franchises That Were Destroyed In A Single Moment

alien-resurrection-basketball Logic suggests that with every idea that you pile onto something, the more likely it is that said something will topple over and crush (or in this case, massively disappoint) a bunch of people. That's the analogy I'm using and I'm sticking with it. If you push your luck too many times in real life, there's really no doubting the fact that - one day - everything is going to come crashing down... with movie-making, it's no different. There's only so many times that you can keep building on an idea until the world finally decides to call you out on all your bull. So when it comes to famous film franchises, which largely exist to be exploited as the worst kind of consumerist product, filmmakers usually always end up making decisions that compromise all that came before. But what's the singular moment that broke the camel's back in every franchise? Which moment marked the final nail in the coffin? The moment in a once-popular series where audiences realised that what they were actually staring at had become a poisonous entity that no longer resembled the product that they'd once adored? Here are 10 movie franchises that were each destroyed in a single moment - in some cases, it literally took a couple of seconds to ruin and tarnish decades and decades of great work...

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