10 Movie Franchises That Were Destroyed In A Single Moment

10. Continuing The Series Without Jason Bourne - The Bourne Legacy

bournelegacy600 There were probably some poor, unexpected movie-goers who saw the title The Bourne Legacy and went into the theatre expecting to see Matt Damon rocking the out of another installment in this once-awesome franchise, only to find... Jeremy Renner? Was he Bourne? Was he supposed to be playing Bourne now? Sure, these folks probably weren't the brightest movie-goers around, but that's not the point: the point is, the filmmakers pretty much compromised the series by choosing to carry on the storyline with new guy Aaron Cross. It's not that another sequel couldn't have worked, had Matt Damon not jumped ship when director Paul Greengrass decided he'd been made dizzy by all that shaky-cam - it's the simple fact that Legacy has no real reason to actually exist, which is witnessed by an oddly suspended storyline which lacks a beginning, middle and end, and just opts instead for making continued references to that other, better character, Jason Bourne. Now that we've got Legacy awkwardly stuck on the end, Bourne has lost much of its credibility: total overkill.

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